7 Ways To Quit Sugar

White sugar

I used to eat a lot of sweets. I love chocolate bars, cookies, ice cream…Milka, lindt, godiva, twix, mars, you name it. As long as it could satisfy the sugar & chocolate craves, I wasn’t picky. I ate candy bars several times a day, every day! I would always buy two bars so I could eat one on the way home, and the second as a treat after dinner. Until one day my body simply said NO to white sugar. But my mind and my heart love chocolate and I couldn’t imagine giving it up. That’s when I discovered raw desserts and started creating a new world for myself.

7 ways to quit sugar

1. Explore raw desserts – dive in and you will love them!

Raw desserts

2. Start Juicing by using fresh veggies & fruits instead of buying juice from concentrate.

Juices and Smoothies

3. Replace the sugar with healthy natural alternatives like raw honey, stevia, fresh fruits and nuts. Did you know that stevia can even help suppress sugar cravings?     Sugar alternativesSources: stevia, medjool dates, honey

4. Drink your tea with raw honey.

Raw honeySources: Tea with honey, honey, herbal tea

5. When you look at a shelf full of candy and pictures of melting chocolate, think about your body. What would your body choose? Listen to your bodies inner voice.

Did you know that the dairy milk in chocolate blocks the healing antioxidant properties of cacao?

candy or notSources: shelf candy

6. Feel good about eating raw desserts and enjoy them fully and guilt-free!

Raw desserts

7. Visualize how light, bright, strong, and confident you will feel when you stop depending on  sugary temptations.

Free yourselfSources: Free yourself, heart cloud

I now adore raw chocolate, raw cookies, truffles, fruit & chocolate ice cream… I hope to inspire you to enjoy these healthy foods.

Which of these tricks will you try on the path to a new YOU?

What is your experience with sugar cravings?



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