Making Space for You

find your placeLiving a blissful life is a practice and when our happy genes aren’t kicking in we need to make a conscious effort to make the best out of each day.

Today I want to inspire you to create a personal and magical corner where you can step back from your day to tune into yourself. Think of it as your space to renew your energies and intentions. You can call it your “meditation space”, “escape cave”, “butterflies & unicorns corner”, whatever name pleases you will do. Get creative! The only rule is that it connects you to a state of joy and all that truly matters to you.

I like to think of my escape pod as a visual vignette representing love, peace and dreams to be. It’s my go to spot to power up for the day and revamp my zest for life.

Creating an inspiring space for yourself will be a simple and effective way to add more bliss into your life. It’s a chance to get creative by tuning into your truth and dreams while also making space to truly honor all that you are.

Angel in the garden

Before getting started play some inspiring music and get excited about creating your very own sacred spot. Take a moment to think about the things that inspire you, your dreams and intentions. Reflect on all the beauty and abundance that surrounds you.

look over the flowers

First you will need to choose a spot. It doesn’t have to be a big area. It might be a shelf in your bedroom or a corner beside your bathtub. You may even choose to create your special place outside in the garden. You can pick an area with a pretty view or transform a not so pretty spot by getting creative with beautiful cloths, images, and inspiring décor. You might choose to pick a corner where you can switch off from the world or somewhere central so you can always take a glance of inspiration. What matters is that it fills you up with joy.

Next you want to gather a few things that inspire you and connect you with your true self. Play with your senses by adding flowers, incense, plants, a soft blanket, a comfy meditation pillow, beautiful visuals and inspiring music. You can also add crystals, candles, art pieces, words of wisdom, mirrors, a water fountain…whatever moves you and takes you to that place of serenity.

Your sacred space will most likely transform with time, maybe even move and change with the seasons. Have fun with it and keep an eye out for little souvenirs that light you up!

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