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Juice preparation

Spark Up with Green Juice

Morning. Vegetables. Juicer. Passion for liquid green goodness! Imagine: a beautiful sunrise, crystal fresh air, a light breeze coming from a cyan …

Amazon Warrior

Amazon Warrior

The story of this smoothie begins in Canada. Yes, that’s right, not in South America. When I was in Toronto, I visited …

Rio de Janeiro

Secret Places To Visit In Rio

There is a good reason Rio de Janeiro is called ‘the wonderful city’ by both locals and tourists. Personally, I believe its …

Fruit in a glass

Fruits in a Glass

…summer and fruits in a glass. Slice of Pineapple Berries (strawberries, blueberries…choose your favorites) Coconut Flakes Blend the pineapple cubes and the …

Tropic breakfast

Tropical Breakfast

4-5 tsp Chia Seeds ½ glass Almond Milk / Coconut Milk / fresh squeezed juice Honey to taste Coconut flakes Slice of …

Smiling Salad

Smiling Salad

  Get imaginative and creative with your salads. Make it smile with colors! This is mine today. How do you like yours?